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The Walking Dead : S8E15 Trailer


New trailer released for The Walking Dead 

The Walking Dead which AMC’s popular series has trailer for the new season.  Things began to grow after the exciting 14th episode. We learned what happened between Jadis and NEGAN. Episode 15 seems to be very exciting. Because we are approaching the end.

We can say that the big confrontation is coming now. This means that a great war will come to us. It looks like we will see war preparations for both sides in this episode. We will see a great war with The Saviors and Rick’s team. This could be the greatest battle ever since the war began.

The Saviors seems to have plans on the Hilltop as we saw in the trailer. We also learned something new. Zombies do not just spread the disease by bite. They can spread this disease in their intestines. We sure that The Saviors will benefit from it.

Also the name of the new episode is released. It will be ‘Worth’. There is also excitement in the audience for the final episode. Let’s see what’s waiting for Rick and his team. We are going to say goodbye to somebody in the team. We will all learn in a few weeks.

Trailer :

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  • Edward Reply

    04/03/2018 at 9:29 AM

    Woww! This episode will be nice!!

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