Nintendo’s E3 2018 Games are Leaked!

New Pokemon game is Coming! As you know, Nintendo has put on the market new game console Nintendo Switch for the past year. The Nintendo Switch, which achieved great success,...
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World Cup 2018 Russia Coming to FIFA 18!

There is little time left! The World Cup 2018 Russia is approaching. This summer world cup will start. We are all excitedly waiting for this tournament. Everything is not limited to that.

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NBA Playgrounds 2 Officially Announced

NBA Playgrounds was a popular game with simple gameplay and fun mechanics. In fact, it has not been too long since the announcement of the game. The game was on the market in 2017. But the producers announced the NBA Playgrounds 2. The game, which was supposed to be a more improved version of the first game was exciting for basketball lovers.

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Dark Souls Remastered Delayed!

The first Dark Souls game will be the remastered version of the game expected by all game fans. Especially Dark Souls fans were very happy when the game announcement was made. Among these I am inclusive. The graphics have been developed and the game seems to be more streamlined. The trailers shown are also beautiful.

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All Upcoming Games in 2018!

Finally, there are games that have not been announced yet and will be released in 2018. We haven’t got them on the list.

List is here!

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