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Nintendo’s E3 2018 Games are Leaked!

New Pokemon game is Coming!

As you know, Nintendo has put on the market new game console Nintendo Switch for the past year. The Nintendo Switch, which achieved great success, was pleased to all users. Nintendo Switch has reached a sales figure of nearly 20 million in 1 year! This is an incredible success. As a result, all players started to wait for new games. Nintendo announces a lot of games at the E3 conference this year. What games will Nintendo announce this year?

There are many rumors about this. And with it, Nintendo’s game list is leaked! You can look at the game list from below.


Of course, it is not known whether this is true or not but the rumors are strong. My favorite game on this list was new Pokemon game. Nintendo announced that they were developing a Pokemon game in E3 last year. In recent days it has become clear that this game will be linked to the mobile game Pokemon Go. Another rumor was that the new Pokemon would be Pokemon Yellow Remake. There is now little time left for the E3 conference. We’ll wait and see.

Another great news for Nintendo Switch users! If this list is true, Fortnite comes to the Nintendo Switch! Epic Games has released Fortnite for almost every platform. It was not released just for the Nintendo Switch and older generation consoles. But apparently this E3 conference, Fortnite will release for Nintendo Switch

Other than this list, surprise games can also be announced. We are most curious about the new Pokemon game. It has not been a good Pokemon game for a long time. I hope the new game will please all users.

What are your thoughts? In your opinion, Nintendo will hear what games this year. Please share your thoughts as comments. One more thing we wish to discuss with you.


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