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Code Vein’s In-game Images are Released

Code Vein is coming.

Attention! In-game images can fascinate you.

New in-game images of Code Vein released by Bandai Namco. The game reminds us once again how beautiful that magical universe is. The game looks like Dark Souls with its mechanics but the game has its own style. We can call it the Anime of Dark Souls. If you like Dark Souls games you should definitely try this game.

We also have some information about the game. The recent game is in Anor Londo Cathedral. The name of the cathedral in the new game is “Cathedral of the Sacred Blood”.

The first thing that comes to mind is the Boss Fight when we said Code Vein. We are sure that there are tough bosses in this cathedral. We can say that the game reflects well the weather of a ruinous place. We will go to each other in difficult duties and fight in different dungeons. The producers say we have big creatures in the dungeons. One of them is Successor of the Ribcage. A wild wolf.

The main characters of the game are Mia and Yukumo. Also Eva and Jack ( side characters) featured in the images.

The fighting system will be similar to Dark Souls games. Special talents and potions are important parts of the game.

We can say that the game is more interested in the Asian region. The release date is not yet clear. We do not have much information about the game. Let’s see Will the game impress the fans of Dark Souls. Will the game succeed in the european market? We are really curious about this.



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