A Way Out was a really good game. We had a good time playing co-op with our friend. The scenario and mechanics of the game were pretty good. In short, we can say that we left happily in the game. This looks the same in other players as well. Because the game has reached successful sales numbers.

We had a post about Code Vein before. This post was about in-game pictures about the game. And today, Bandai Namco has released a new video for Code Vein. The game really looks good. Now let’s talk about the information we have on video.

GOD OF WAR! And that’s where the day comes, dear readers. The embargo has been lifted and the God of War reviews have begun to be published. There is not much to say. The game is just a legend! Review scores are very high. We wrote down the points below. You can look.

This year, Ubisoft released the new Far Cry game. The game was really successful by a large majority. We played the game. It was abundant and adventurous. It’s like a classic Far Cry game. Here’s another story we made about the game. Far Cry’s success was also reflected in sales figures. The game outsold over 5 million copies a week!

A Way Out is released the month we passed. The game was really good as we had expected. We loved a deep story braid, characters and co-op playing mechanics. A Way Out was one of the best games I played this year.

A story trailer released for Vampyr. The game was really expected since long time ago. The game is about the life of Jonathan Reid who is a vampire. He becomes a vampire for some unknown reason.  His life is ruined. The story seems really deep. A vampire’s life story. A really interesting concept.

The PlayStation 4’s exclusive game Detroit: Become Human expected to be announced soon. The game makers have recently posted a news for Detroit. But this is not news that you will upset. You can even love it. Because the players who pre-ordered Detroit Become Human will have Heavy Rain for free. So Quantic Dream was able to win the hearts of the players with a nice move.

Finally, it was announced at the release date of Spider-Man, the game that all PS4 owners are waiting for. And yes, on September 7 Spider-Man is coming!
Game Informer will give detailed information about the game, which is expected to be on the cover of this month for a long time.

A new gameplay released for  God of War by PS underground.  We are shown different enemies on the video for 5 minutes. We also witness that Kratos fighting with a troll. The video seems to be focused to open world of the game. Also they shows us what we can do when we’re away from action in this video.

Finally, there are games that have not been announced yet and will be released in 2018. We haven’t got them on the list.

List is here!

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