There is little time left! The World Cup 2018 Russia is approaching. This summer world cup will start. We are all excitedly waiting for this tournament. Everything is not limited to that.

Release Date: Unknown Platform: PS4

The PlayStation is a console that has sold millions around the world. The number of players is increasing day by day. However, PlayStation Plus members also increase. And nowadays the number of PlayStation Plus members is 34.2 million.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider! Lara Croft’s final adventure! The details of the highly anticipated game were finally revealed. The trailer made us all excited. Lara Croft is trying to save the world this time.

God of War! Finally, the ‘game of the year’ is released! Santa Monica did a great job. The game is really great. We played the game and we finished. We will also do a mini-review for you dear GameChapter readers!

Sony started to announce great games this year. They are released God of War like a few days ago as you know. The game is really good enough to be the best of the year. Not long after that, Sony made a new surprise. They are released Detroit Become Human Demo.

We are curious about our new adventure. We are incredibly excited. It’s been a while since I met God of War. We will go on a great journey with Atreus. But we have a bad news. First Day Patch!

NBA Playgrounds was a popular game with simple gameplay and fun mechanics. In fact, it has not been too long since the announcement of the game. The game was on the market in 2017. But the producers announced the NBA Playgrounds 2. The game, which was supposed to be a more improved version of the first game was exciting for basketball lovers.

We have bad news today. Yes, you do not see it wrong. There will be no story mode in the new Call of Duty game. The new game will be Battle Royale and Zombie mode instead of story mode.

There was a game called Shenmue. Did you remember this game? Legendary games of old times. It was a game that everyone talked about when it was first announced. Now the new game will be announced soon. But before that, Shenmue 1 and 2 have been regenerated as a new generation console and PC.

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